"I'm an alcoholic - It would be the kiss of death for me to start drinking again. My relationships with my friends and family are so good now... I wouldn't do anything to destroy that."

-David Bowie

Our Predicament

Passenger was started in response to a very real lack of available options for recovering musicians and crew on tour. As a musician who has toured in sobriety for five years now, I've dealt with the difficulties of finding a support system on the road. Schedules change every day, transportation can be unreliable, and recovery meetings are often unavailable and/or unreachable. Different agendas and directions each day can add to the anxiety that's already inherent with touring. For some people, it can be an overwhelming vision.

Whether you're headed out on a van tour, to an outdoor festival, or a 200-capacity club show, it's important to have some quiet time. Our wish is to provide a safe space to decompress and discuss the stresses of being sober on tour.

Our Inspiration

Passenger is rooted in 12-step recovery for structure, but we welcome anyone and everyone seeking help and respite on the road. Our primary purpose is to support all who wish to achieve or maintain sobriety, and to embrace all faiths, creeds, colors and walks of life. We're here to provide support, period.

Our Solution

Passenger's mission is to provide easy options for weary travelers, by offering the following:

  • Free transportation to and from recovery meetings, within the artist/crew's scheduled time frames.
  • The option to bring a meeting to the gig, dependent upon the artist's needs.
  • Offering a Clean Green Room, or sober "backstage" environment with green room amenities in order to provide sanctuary from the gig atmosphere before showtime.

Please call or email with any questions or regards, and let's help each other. Thank you!

-Christopher Tait
Electric Six, Brighton Center for Recovery

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